k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Recent articles by Alex Marshall from http://www./rss/?a=87483657 An urban affairs and infrastructure columnist for Governing k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网How Much Does Transit Spread COVID-19? The Jury Is Still Out. http://www./now/How-Much-Does-Transit-Spread-COVID-19-The-Jury-Is-Still-Out.html We assume that squishing people together on subways and buses, along with urban density in general, accounts for much of the virus's spread. But when you look at the evidence, it's a blurred picture. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Why Can’t We Build Infrastructure Cheaply, Quickly and Well? http://www./community/Why-Cant-We-Build-Infrastructure-Cheaply-Quickly-and-Well.html We have a loose consensus in America on factors that drive costs and time up and quality down. What we don't have is consensus on how to get those factors under control. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Wars Change Things, and Fighting the Coronavirus Is a War http://www./community/Wars-Change-Things-and-Fighting-the-Coronavirus-Is-a-War.html Could the pandemic help end or mute the modern era of cities? Probably not, but it's likely that we will see some permanent changes, both predictable and unexpected. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网How Much Diversity Does a Modern City Need? http://www./community/How-Much-Diversity-Does-a-Modern-City-Need.html Duluth, Minn., has very little, and its mayor would like to see more minorities among its residents. But the city's strong k彩平台grown civic culture seems to be serving it well. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Does Your City Have a Delivery-Truck Policy? It Should. http://www./columns/transportation-and-infrastructure/gov-delivery-trucks-traffic.html Booming e-commerce is congesting streets. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Why the Virginia Beach Shooting Hits k彩平台 http://www./blogs/view/gov-Virginia-Beach-shooting-hits-k彩平台.html The attack, which killed nearly a dozen municipal employees in my k彩平台town, is a reminder that mass shootings can happen anywhere. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网A Remedy for Urban Dullness http://www./columns/transportation-and-infrastructure/gov-battery-park-city.html How can you build a great place? Expand the number of people who own it. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网In Infrastructure, Embrace the Unforeseen http://www./columns/transportation-and-infrastructure/gov-infrastructure.html We often use it in ways not intended. Most of the time, that’s a good thing. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Why ‘Density’ Is a Bad Word http://www./columns/transportation-and-infrastructure/gov-density-americans.html It’s often used to describe how people live in urban spaces. But it shouldn't be. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网What GPS Has Taken Away http://www./columns/transportation-and-infrastructure/gov-gps-paper-maps.html Paper maps help us know a place better. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Flying Should Be More Like Going to Art Museums http://www./columns/transportation-and-infrastructure/gov-airport-art.html Music, film and visual arts are improving the travelling experience. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Why Cities Should Embrace ‘Slow Mobility’ http://www./columns/transportation-and-infrastructure/gov-mobility.html It’s not necessarily about traveling far and fast. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网How the Mutation of Main Street Is Reshaping Cities http://www./columns/transportation-and-infrastructure/gov-main-street-retail.html Brick-and-mortar stores are surviving, but what they’re selling is changing. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网The Broadband Boost Small-Town America Needs http://www./columns/transportation-and-infrastructure/gov-rural-broadband-publicly-owned-internet.html Publicly owned internet networks are giving some rural regions an advantage over even the techiest big cities. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网A Regional Rail Revival http://www./commentary/gov-regional-rail-passenger-trains.html Efforts to bring back passenger trains are happening all over. We need them.