k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Recent articles by Alan Ehrenhalt from http://www./rss/?a=87483622 k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Will COVID-19 End the Downtown Comeback? Don't Bet on It. http://www./assessments/Will-COVID-19-End-the-Downtown-Comeback-Dont-Bet-on-It.html The factors that led to the revival of our city centers will still be there in the aftermath of the coronavirus shutdown: low crime, a craving for entertainment and the desire for physical proximity. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Will We Look Back Fondly on This Terrifying Period? http://www./assessments/Will-We-Look-Back-Fondly-on-This-Terrifying-Period.html It may seem hard to believe that the time of a deadly pandemic might one day be remembered wistfully by those who lived through it. But something like that has happened before in American life. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网The Search for Slogan Magic http://www./topics/mgmt/gov-search-state-slogan-magic.html With an eye on tourism and development, states keep trying to come up with evocative new taglines. Sometimes they stumble. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网The Mayoral Balancing Act http://www./commentary/gov-mayoral-balancing-act.html Tension between downtowns and neighborhoods isn’t going to go away. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网The Democrats’ Biggest Problem for k彩平台 — and Beyond http://www./commentary/gov-democrats-electoral-numbers-cities.html By clustering in cities, even small ones, they have weakened their political impact. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网The Fables of Gentrification http://www./commentary/gov-gentrification-myths.html A lot of what we think we know about it turns out to be wrong. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网It's Been a Rough Year for Mass Transit http://www./commentary/gov-transit-disconnect.html With falling ridership and scrapped expansion projects, urban transit faces an uncertain future. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Does a City Need a Mayor? http://www./commentary/gov-strong-mayor-cities.html Well-run governments must have clear lines of leadership. Just ask Pueblo, Colo. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网'Vertical Villages' May Be the Future of Urban Living. That's Scary. http://www./commentary/gov-vertical-villages.html They take mixed-use development to an extreme with buildings that residents may never need to leave. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网The Business Fad States Should Steal http://www./topics/mgmt/gov-business-idea-private-sector-lesson-government.html For the most part, it’s a bad idea for governments to copy private-sector trends. But there may be one exception. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网How Will Driverless Cars Really Change Cities? Who Knows. http://www./commentary/gov-driverless-cars.html There are plenty of theories about how they will reshape urban areas. But it’s anybody’s guess. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Why ‘Nudge’ Policies Should Be Used Gently http://www./commentary/gov-nudge-behavioral-economics.html Behavioral economics is a powerful tool to encourage people to make certain decisions, but governments need to use it with caution. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Is Statehouse News Actually Declining, or Just Different? http://www./commentary/gov-statehouse-reporting-news-coverage.html There’s still plenty of coverage of governors and legislatures. But the void of newspaper reporters has been filled with partisan-slanted bloggers. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网When Citizen Engagement Becomes Too Much http://www./commentary/gov-citizen-engagement.html Politicians say they want citizens to be involved. But it can make things harder to achieve. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网How Cities Became the New Laboratories of Democracy http://www./topics/urban/gov-urban-power.html The ascent of cities is real, though things may not be as rosy as some suggest.