k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Recent articles by Jabari Simama from http://www./rss/?a=568009161 An education and government consultant k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网COVID-19 and the Uncertain Future of Public Higher Ed http://www./now/COVID-19-and-the-Uncertain-Future-of-Public-Higher-Ed.html The pandemic is challenging colleges' enrollments and finances as never before. Some may not survive, and those that do will have to consider major changes in their structures and the way they teach. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Is Reopening an Economy Worth the Lives of Its Workers? http://www./now/Is-Reopening-an-Economy-Worth-the-Lives-of-Its-Workers.html We shouldn't be casually equating the health of the economy with the health of the desperate, helpless people who labor on the front lines. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Government’s Role in Addressing the Pandemic’s Grim Racial Reality http://www./now/Governments-Role-in-Addressing-the-Pandemics-Grim-Racial-Reality.html COVID-19 is hitting African Americans the hardest. Public officials could do far more about the social determinants of health that underlie the coronavirus's disparate impact. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. and His Legacy for Public Officials http://www./now/Remembering-Martin-Luther-King-Jr-and-His-Legacy-for-Public-Officials.html Saturday marks the 52nd anniversary of King’s assassination. In looking back at the campaign to end legalized segregation, the participants in the civil rights movement were willing to risk their lives to ensure that everyone could vote and that anyone could aspire to public office. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网The Coronavirus’s Harsher Reality for the Most Vulnerable http://www./community/The-Coronaviruss-Harsher-Reality-for-the-Most-Vulnerable.html The pandemic is creating new burdens and exacerbating existing ones for Americans at the economic margins. Government has the obligation and the opportunity to ease those burdens. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网How Restructured Public Education Could Better Serve Everyone http://www./now/How-Restructured-Public-Education-Could-Better-Serve-Everyone.html Our current system fails to prepare too many students for the competencies that are needed in today's and tomorrow's workplace. We need to rethink our approach to funding, curricula and governance. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网It’s k彩平台. Why Is the Digital Divide Still with Us? http://www./now/Its-k彩平台-Why-Is-the-Digital-Divide-Still-with-Us.html Far too many Americans still don't have access in their k彩平台s to the technology and affordable high-speed broadband they need to succeed in today's economy. We need to think of it as a civil and human right. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网The Challenges that Make Gentrifying Neighborhoods Special http://www./community/The-Challenges-that-Make-Gentrifying-Neighborhoods-Special.html Mixed-income and diverse neighborhoods are good for our cities. There are policies we can pursue that can help to keep housing affordable and protect these communities' legacy residents.