k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Recent articles by Carl Smith from http://www./rss/?a=567768091 k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Government Falls into a Recession and Job Cuts Soar http://www./work/Government-Falls-into-a-Recession-and-Job-Cuts-Soar.html The last recession pummeled the government workforce. Now, the pandemic has hit and once again, layoffs have become a fact of life. But not every state and local government is cutting jobs to stanch revenue losses. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Legislative Watch: The Cannabis Industry in the Age of COVID http://www./next/Legislative-Watch-The-Cannabis-Industry-in-the-Age-of-COVID.html Whether used for medical reasons or recreation, cannabis is a multibillion-dollar industry that could play a role in a post-pandemic recovery. Legislators have been addressing regulatory details. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Legislative Watch: Can Tracing Help Health and Privacy? http://www./next/Legislative-Watch-Can-Tracing-Help-Health-and-Privacy.html Bills that address contact tracing take aim at the costs related to testing and tracking COVID-19 infections as states reopen. Others tackle privacy concerns and ensuring tracer workers reflect community diversity. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Legislative Watch: New School Year Is a Tough Assignment http://www./next/Legislative-Watch-New-School-Year-Is-a-Tough-Assignment.html Public schools face a litany of problems relating to COVID-19 that include significant drops in funding, distribution issues for school lunch programs, lack of broadband access and bus driver protection. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Legislative Watch: Pandemic Fuels Growth of Telemedicine http://www./next/Legislative-Watch-Pandemic-Fuels-Growth-of-Telemedicine.html COVID-19 has accelerated demand for telemedicine services. Recently, state legislatures have introduced bills that provide remedies for issues such as reimbursement and credentialing that have slowed implementation. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网How a County Is Managing a Marijuana Green Rush from Space http://www./now/How-a-County-Is-Managing-a-Marijuana-Green-Rush-from-Space.html Using satellite imagery, California's Humboldt County has found an effective way to deal with unpermitted and illegal cannabis-cultivation operations and reduce their environmental impact. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Will EV Adoption Become California’s Next Economic Engine? http://www./next/Will-EV-Adoption-Become-Californias-Next-Economic-Engine.html A new study details dramatic economic benefits and large cuts in carbon emissions for California from the impact of electric vehicles over the next 10 years. Other states can profit from the lessons learned. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网What a Load: California Farms Launch Nation’s Largest Dairy Biogas Project http://www./now/California-Farms-Launch-Nations-Largest-Dairy-Biogas-Project.html Farms from the state's Central Valley have teamed up with Southern California Gas to convert cow manure into renewable natural gas, in response to a 2016 state law to reduce dairy greenhouse emissions by 30 percent. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Lack of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations a Growing Concern http://www./next/Lack-of-Electric-Vehicle-Charging-Stations-a-Growing-Concern.html High costs, driven by permitting, building code and regulatory red tape, could hamper growth of stations needed to power the EV market, but some states and localities are starting to change the status quo. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网The Battle Over Technology and Energy Consumption http://www./next/The-Battle-Over-Technology-and-Energy-Consumption.html Insatiable demands for data have triggered startling projections on how much electricity is consumed to power the Internet. But technology itself — along with strategic regulations — could keep our energy needs in check. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网5G Explained: What Government Leaders Should Know http://www./next/5G-Explained-What-Government-Leaders-Should-Know.html The newest generation in wireless networking represents a major boost in both capacity and speed, opening the door to transformative public services. But the technology is both costly and controversial even as states and localities begin to legislate and regulate around 5G. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网What States Can Do to Improve Broadband Access http://www./next/What-States-Can-Do-to-Improve-Broadband-Access.html New research from Pew Charitable Trusts points to the need for involvement from all levels of government to help close a digital divide that has left 21 million Americans without broadband access. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网California’s 'Salad Bowl' Recharges Depleted Aquifer http://www./next/Californias-Salad-Bowl-Recharges-Depleted-Aquifer.html A multi-partner water recycling project is helping Monterey, Calif., stabilize and replenish its dwindling groundwater supply. The project could serve as a model for shrinking aquifers in other regions of the country. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Election Meltdown: How to Ensure Voting Integrity in k彩平台 http://www./now/Election-Meltdown-How-to-Ensure-Voting-Integrity-in-k彩平台.html Richard L. Hasen, one of the nation’s leading experts on election law and campaign finance regulation, talks about what state and local officials can do to reduce potential abuses and disruptions during the k彩平台 election. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Legislative Watch: Paper Files, Bots and Deepfakes http://www./now/Legislative-Watch-Paper-Files-Bots-and-Deepfakes.html State lawmakers are tackling new digital threats to elections and public trust by banning voting bots and criminalizing deepfakes; meanwhile, in New Jersey, a legislator wants to bring an end to paper records.