k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Recent articles by Cathilea Robinett from http://www./rss/?a=484485031 President of e.Republic and host of "In the Arena" k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网County Commissioner Helps Others with Resources, Compassion http://www./podcast/arena/County-Commissioner-Helps-Others-with-Resources-Compassion.html Whether it’s a small county or a national stage, Mary Ann Borgeson leads Douglas County, Neb., and the National Association of Counties with compassion and the understanding of the impacts her decisions can make. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网State Controller’s Impact Goes Beyond a Balanced Budget http://www./podcast/arena/State-Controllers-Impact-Goes-Beyond-a-Balanced-Budget.html Betty Yee uses her role as California’s state controller to uplift underserved communities, encourage female participation in politics and public office and remind others that a state is only as strong as its individuals. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Getting Her Hands Dirty: In The Arena with Assembly Member Serena DiMaso http://www./podcast/arena/Getting-Her-Hands-Dirty-In-The-Arena-Assembly-Member-Serena-DiMaso.html Whether it is a devastating hurricane or global pandemic, Serena DiMaso will be there to lend a helping hand. From the front lines and Assembly floor, DiMaso is constantly working to strengthen and uplift her community. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Town Halls? This Mayor Does Porch Tours http://www./podcast/arena/gov-nan-whaley.html Dayton, Ohio's Nan Whaley talks to people about policy where they feel most comfortable. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Teddy Roosevelt Inspired Him. Now This Governor Wants to Honor Him. http://www./podcast/arena/gov-doug-burgum-interview.html North Dakota's Doug Burgum is helping to build a presidential library in his state. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网The Man Showing the Country What Makes Cities Work http://www./podcast/arena/steve-benjamin-interview.html Steve Benjamin represents the interests of U.S. mayors. When it comes to his city, he's interested in the "three I's." k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网First She Watched History on TV. Then She Made It. http://www./podcast/arena/gov-warren-interview.html Mayor Acquanetta Warren credits her father for her big dreams. "You've been to the moon," he used to say. There was some truth to that. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Embrace Your Limitations -- in Life and Public Policy http://www./podcast/arena/gov-kristen-cox-interview.html That's the advice of Kristen Cox, who lost her sight in her 20s and became a client of public services. Now, her job is to oversee them. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网The Nation's First Compassionate City? http://www./podcast/arena/gov-greg-fischer.html Mayor Greg Fischer's parents taught him to care for others. He's using their lessons to lead Kentucky's biggest city. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网She Was a Model and WWE Ring Girl. Now She's a Highly Regarded State House Leader. http://www./podcast/arena/gov-Themis-Klarides.html Themis Klarides is defying expectations and redefining leadership in the Connecticut legislature. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Why Eric Garcetti Thinks America Needs a Mayor in the White House http://www./podcast/arena/gov-eric-garcetti.html "It is America's cities that are here, ready to save Washington," says the Los Angeles mayor and potential k彩平台 candidate. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网A New Podcast for and About Public Leaders http://www./podcast/arena/gov-clay-jenkinson.html The most popular Roosevelt quote, explained, on the first episode of "In the Arena." k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Eric Garcetti’s LA Legacy: Listening, Humility, and Strength http://www./podcast/arena/Eric-Garcettis-LA-Legacy-Listening-Humility-Strength.html Los Angeles’ mayor was raised with the understanding that public service is listening. So now he listens to his community and wants to make Los Angeles a place of opportunity for the California Dream. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网CIO Uses Courage, Persistence to Uplift Detroit Through Tech http://www./podcast/arena/CIO-Uses-Courage-Persistence-Uplift-Detroit-Through-Tech.html Caring, passionate, and having always pushed back against the status quo, Beth Niblock has used her role as Detroit Chief Information Officer to revitalize the city with technology after a tough period of bankruptcy. k彩平台-k彩 彩民福地登录_k彩平台官网Wyoming State Senator Affie Ellis Is Who She Wants to Be http://www./podcast/arena/Wyoming-State-Senator-Affie-Ellis-Is-Who-She-Wants-to-Be.html A passionate representative for women, Navajo people, and Wyomingites, Affie Ellis is a force to be reckoned with and she hopes to use her curiosity and patience to dig deeply into century-old tensions for years to come.