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Crisis Response Initiative

Equipping state and local leaders with tactics and resources to respond in a crisis.

News stories curated by the Editors of Government Technology and Governing.

The American Ethos and the Betrayal of Expertise

History provides us with numerous examples of how knowledge and, most importantly, leadership either withstood the strain of a crisis, or unraveled. We are in one of those periods right now.

Over the next several weeks and months, courts around the country must figure out how to resume operations in a way that keeps employees and visitors safe, yet also safeguards the constitutional guarantee to a jury trial.

Government Falls into a Recession and Job Cuts Soar

The last recession pummeled the government workforce. Now, the pandemic has hit and once again, layoffs have become a fact of life. But not every state and local government is cutting jobs to stanch revenue losses.

The Need for Equitable Health Care Amid COVID-19

The pandemic is hitting African American communities hardest. Black mayors are taking the lead in narrowing racial disparities and working for policies that help protect everyone.

Coronavirus and the Courts: What Changes Will Stay?

Tech experts who work with county court systems have implemented a number of digital changes to help justice continue to function in the time of COVID-19, and some of those changes may become permanent.

As COVID-19 Spreads, Cashless Payments Increase for Some

Fears of spreading the coronavirus have discouraged cash transactions and increased the number of card and online payments. But cashless transactions aren’t germ-proof, and for many poor families, cash is all they have.

While Employees Work from k彩平台, Are Companies Still Liable?

Whether or not an employee is working from an office, there are still some health and security risks that are a company’s responsibility. Questions have been raised about overtime and workers’ comp.

k彩平台Phone Tracking in Michigan Sparks Privacy, COVID-19 Questions

A liberal advocacy group tracked cellphones from protestors who attended stay-at-k彩平台 rallies in April, without user consent. Protestors worry about their privacy, the state worries about public health.

California County Plans School Reopening in August

Sonoma County plans to reopen schools, to some extent, despite concerns about health and budgets. But for many families, the schools are sources of day care and meals as well as education for their kids.

Web Defacement, Tracing Disinformation, CIO Talks Security

The world of government cybersecurity remains volatile as cybercriminals practice digital graffiti and public officials struggle to overcome disinformation about the purpose of contact tracing.

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